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Barry E James

Transformation Architect, Mentor, Author and Host

Mission: Inspiring and Supporting Changemakers

Barry has an extraordinary ability to grasp and analyse the complicated biggest pictures, and translate for us ordinary folk with metaphors that border on the lyrical. Always visionary, always reaching for the dreamed-of future." Dr Julie Gregory

An agile, insightful, thinker and seasoned ecosystem engineer. Experienced and adept at re-architecting at Platform or Business (many), Sector (NHS & FS) or National (Fintech, FCA) levels

Capable of re-engineering even the most complex ecosystems and institutions. Understanding the multi-layered interplay of digital, cultural and business forces in an ever changing and developing digital landscape. Transforming thinking,  processes and outcomes

Experienced and adept as host, moderator and inspirational keynote speaker. In-person, in the media and online.

Currently focussed on the UK (and world) Energy Crisis and combatting its worst consequences via the  Humane.Energy project. 



Barry was recently welcomed as an Industrial Fellow at the University of East London's Royal School of Business and Law.

He is also a founding member of advisory board for the new Centre of Fintech at the University.

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Instigation & Collaborations

Barry's Transformational Ventures, Projects and Collaborations

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20 Months on... follow @BarryEJames Journalist / Author Entrepreneur Technologist Influencer "Regulation has to be pro-innovation... the FCA has committed to open its doors to financial service firms who are developing new approaches, to help them navigate the regulatory system


Why we're all screwed and what we can do about it Here's why: We are living with a plague of crises - a calamity of crises, if you will - unprecedented in human history. Not least because they're man made.

Since 2018

Frontier Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Bytes & Token Intelligence

Weekly podcasts from Barry E James explaining, exploring and answering your questions on the implications of frontier technology for people, Business and Businesses in this next wave of the Internet. A place to... get in the loop, or better still ask the question that has most puzzled or perplexed you about new and frontier technology, and their implications for you or your business.


Since 2013

The Crowdfunding Center provides crowdfund promotion and real time big-data-driven tools & insights for crowdfunders, backers, platforms, investors & analysts including daily and weekly charts & news.

Since 2014

TheCrowdDataCenter: Crowfunding Data, Stats & Analytics


Crowdfunding campaigns led by women reach their target more often than campaigns led by men, according to this new research, which includes worldwide data also broken down by sector and geographical area, published by PwC and The Crowdfunding Centre in the


Since 2013

#di2016: New Routes To Funding Businesses - Harnessing the Untapped Potential for Businesses, Products, Growth & Startups.

Since 2018

The British Blockchain & Frontier Technologies Association is a new industry body who will provide a clear voice for the global blockchain and frontier technologies industries, it’s members, stakeholders and the public good.


THE Crowdfunding guide for Business Advisers & Mentors, Business Owners & Startups


August 2012

His criticism of the FSA's restrictions on crowdfunding opened the floodgates for discussion. Now, Barry E. James follows up with a proposal.

Since 2012

The Fintech Times, CityAM's CryptoAM, Crowdfund Insider, Real Business

June, 2023

#Digital #Bitcoin #Britcoin

Fintech Money: Going Mainstream, Remaking Money #Digital Barry E James looks at the creation of a digital pound, and examines its predecessors around ...

Barry has an extraordinary ability to grasp and analyse the complicated biggest pictures, and translate it for us ordinary folk with metaphors that border on the lyrical. 

Always visionary, always reaching for the dreamed-of future.

If you get the chance to listen to him speak or write - sit up straight and pay attention. It is authentic thought leaders like this that bring disruptive change.

In this case in his unique, gentle but passionate, way.


Dr Julie Gregory, Entrepreneurship Course Designer  
Queen Mary University of London

Bill Lewis, Mentor to C-Suite Executives & Entrepreneurs 
(LinkedIn Recommendation December 2021)

​I have had the pleasure of numerous conversations with Barry over the last year and he rates one of the most knowledgeable and insightful people I've come across, ever. 

His Blockchain 101 workshop was delivered with such clarity that I had no problem coming away with a significant increase in my knowledge.

One of the attributes of a real expert, is that they are able to convey complex concepts in a simple manner and in an understandable format, and then take a range of diverse questions and answer them all completely. Barry executed on those deliverables without hesitation. It was a thoroughly enjoyable session.

I would work with Barry at any time and thoroughly recommend him as an expert, colleague, and fellow business traveller.

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